One of the biggest problems women face in the workplace is not being able to hear their voice.  This can occur early in one’s career or before it even begins, as women are often overshadowed by male classmates at intern networking events.  Yet it continues as they climb the corporate ladder and often find there is no one willing or able to hear what they have to say.

Bond Girl Strategies works with individual women to:

  • Sharpen the focus for a candidate pursuing an internship or full-time job in financial services 
  • Provide one-on-one coaching ahead of interviews or throughout internships to put candidates in a better position to compete for the job
  • Act as an unbiased, unaffiliated mentor, coach, and advocate for women in established roles or careers who face gender challenge in the workplace as it pertains to compensation, promotion, or management     
Megan is the definition of a role model. Incredible career achievements, devoted sponsorship and mentorship to countless colleagues that sprouted from authentic and organic roots – all this underpinned by strong moral and ethical foundation.