For years, financial services firms have tried to improve their diversity hiring, and the easiest way to do this was by focusing on women.  Although many firms have made significant improvements, there is still more work to be done and now they are battling another challenge: in the current hiring cycle, Wall Street has struggled to compete with large technology firms as well as start-ups for top talent coming out of school, particularly those with a background in STEMs.      

Bond Girl Strategies uses deep industry knowledge and experience with recruiting, interviewing, & hiring methods to work with Colleges & Universities to: 

  • Provide independent, unaffiliated expertise on careers and the recruiting process in financial services
  • Educate women as to the opportunities across financial services, with a specific focus on roles traditionally dominated by men, such as trading & portfolio management
  • Establish financial services as the preeminent path for recent graduates through analyst training programs  
  • Shape confidence ahead of networking opportunities & interviews
  • Empower women to see and employ gender disparity as a strength in the workplace
Megan’s dedication to recruiting top talent into the industry is a true passion of hers. She has always been an invaluable resource to students eager to learn more about the industry and trading specifically. Her first-hand knowledge, paired with her enthusiasm and engagement with candidates made her the perfect business partner to participate in recruiting and mentorship activities.