The “female problem” facing financial services firms today is complex and fixing it or “getting it right” remains a core focus of not only managers, but CEOs.  These leaders seek to answer the question: how do we hire them?  But perhaps more importantly:  how do we retain them?  Promote them?  Pay them?    

Bond Girl Strategies helps corporate clients improve the quality of the overall organization as it pertains to women.  We look to: 

  • Tailor campus & lateral talent acquisition strategies specific to women
  • Evaluate workplace culture to understand and identify areas for improvement in terms of gender dynamics
  • Establish or enhance female-specific programming such as networks, mentoring, training, engagement, education, and leadership  
  • Coach managers and employees to break down gender barriers, drive an increase in bilateral communication, and foster improved transparency around focus topics such as compensation & promotions  
  • Identify high potential candidates for leadership roles
Megan has spent years successfully partnering with top leaders across the Street and pairs her experience with unparalleled drive, engagement and enthusiasm that empowers women and men alike. Her effective approach as a speaker, listener and advocate consistently inspire excellence. I feel fortunate to have worked with her— and am excited to see the change that Megan will undoubtedly bring to the industry by helping others to follow in her impressive footsteps.