Bond Girl Strategies began with the idea of telling a story.   

Throughout her career on Wall Street, Megan noticed young women wincing when listening to men describe their jobs.  It became evident to her the techniques men - and often firms as a whole - historically used to attract people to their teams did not necessarily appeal to women today.  The career story they shared and the way it was told was the problem.  No wonder there were no female traders.

Bond Girl Strategies is not focused on statistics or studies.  By this point, we all know diversity is good for business and most firms want to, if not need to, hire and retain more women.  With her background as a trader, Megan Philbin is efficient, results-oriented, and trained to execute.  She may not have an MBA, but she has no interest in wasting your time.  If she holds a meeting, it’s not just to schedule another one.  She hates PowerPoint and hopes you do too.

In order to really make a change with the number of women in financial services we need to change the message.  Bond Girl Strategies looks to:

  • Educate women as to all opportunities across financial services, especially in jobs not typically held by women
  • Encourage women to pursue careers where they are a minority, to turn gender disparity into an advantage
  • Advise male-dominated teams, firms, and industries to evolve and enhance the story they use to not only recruit but retain women

Bond Girl Strategies does not believe human capital programming should be singular.  Let us help you or your firm make recruiting, hiring, training, and mentoring gender specific.

Let’s move that needle, one woman at a time.